Google “trust” signals

The search position of our products customers see inside Google Search & Shopping is heavily influenced by “trust” signals that we have earned over time and proactively maintain to ensure we rank highly.

Google Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can only be placed by a random selection of customers who have received an order from us. Google “trust” these reviews as they come from real customers and the outcome of those reviews affects our search position. Having consistently good, recent reviews improves our ranking. (Current ranking Screenshot)

Google Shopping Campaign

The campaign has sales history, which Google’s Shopping AI learns over time to target the appropriate customers. This training can only be gained by passing shopping traffic through our systems and feeding back sales data.

The product pages, which ads land on, are highly optimised for customer sales conversions and providing all the data Google needs to rank highly.

Google Merchant

The product feed in the Google Merchant feed is actively maintained by our systems to ensure Google has accurate up-to-date data that it uses to sell our products. Products must meet a lot of criteria to receive a good “trust” score including customer interaction with those products.