As the solution is entirely custom, it is intended to adapt to the needs of the business as they arise and not before. Every feature has to earn it’s place to be implemented.

In addition to continual maintenance with have an appetite to improve the user shopping experience to increase sales. Here are some examples of features we have planned for the future as the business grows.

  • Link Saves – e.g.,  “any 3 for £2 in this category”, “any 2 pepsi for £1”
  • Customer Loyalty Points – this will open the door to increased customer loyalty and a method to encourage them to share their experiences with friends & family.
  • iOS & Android Application leveraging GraphQL API. The micro-services are built to facilitate this and React offers “React Native” as a bridge to leverage existing code.
  • User to User affiliate scheme – encourage users to promote content as there is something in it for them. This would build on the Loyalty Points
  • Order Repicks – a more efficient method of sending out replacement products if they get damaged in transit
  • Complete Barcode Pick & Pack system – scanning everything will enable fine-grain tracking of every product throughout its lifecycle.
  • Elastic Pricing – prices dynamically adapt over time to customer behaviour within predefined constraints. E.g., set a profit window and the price will increase as demand increases/stock decreases and will decrease if there’s no interest
  • Bargain Alerts – allow users to tag products/categories/searches to be automatically notified when something comes back in stock. This generates highly targeted customer communication and a high conversion rate.
  • Item Based Collaborative Filtering  – a sophisticated way of presenting a highly focused product range based on the users shopping behaviour. This is Amazon’s invention and drives their customer experience.

Import Extensive Product Data – companies like Neilsen’s BrandBank offer solutions that would improve the quality of product listings with optimal images and enhanced product information.